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Industrial U arm single needle 360 degree horizontal rotating curved high postbed sewing machine

Model Number: ZH-8900
Model ZH-8900
No of needle 1
Needle type DPX17 #19
Presser foot lift(mm) 8/15
Sewing speed (S.P.M) 700
Needle bar stroke 36mm
Diameter of the postbed 47mm
Postbed height 445mm
Inside curved high postbed 256mm



Special designed rotating curved postbed. The arc bed is joined with the postbed based on the center of axis. It could replenish the sewing missing and improve the operating and assembly of the rotating curved postbed. Special designed feed rock shaft. It is easy to assemble or replace the parts in the postbed and no need to lie down the machine, easy to make micro-adjustment of the up & down transmission while sewing, improved the sewing & repairing efficiency. Applied with the 360 degrees of horizontal rotating of curved high-posbed device (postbed height: 445 mm), suitable for stitching the large & three-dimensional articles, such as boots, bags, suitcases, ......etc..(Such as bottoms & gores & corners of the bags, ......etc..). 


 1. Applicable for bag, sports shoes, casual shoes side seam locking type sideline processing. 

 2. With oxhorn gear drive, oxhorn right and left shuttle ,straight arm type turning 

 3. All parts were made by CNC machine, all parts are in perfect quality. 

 4. Use electronic servo motor to control the speed, it is easy to change the speed, and break controlled by computer. And stop the needle exactly with needle positioner. 

 5. This machine thread hook use gear to drive, durable and wearproof. 


Adopts composite materials feeding body on upper and lower to avoid in version during sewing of two layers, so the sewing will be more precise, the design of super-long canister hook seat( the height of canister is 455mm) makes the sewing more comfortable and the applied scope is wider. It can be used for sewing all kinds of handbags, kitbags, shoes,  boots and travel bags.