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Operation manual for 16 inch strap cutting machine

2021-11-24 14:59:49

This strap cutting machine is suitable for the separation of various materials such as leather, recycled leather, and artificial leather. The machine has the advantages of high precision, simple operation, safety, high speed and high efficiency.


1. In order to prevent the rust of the machine before packing, the machine is coated with anti-rust grease on the surface of the machine. Hardening or dust accumulation of oil for storage and transportation. Therefore, the surface of the machine should be cleaned by soft cloth after unpacking.

2. This machine may be subjected to strong vibration during transportation, resulting in loose parts, so clean the oil and make a detailed inspection, check whether the screws in each position are loose, whether there are missing parts, and turn by hand whether the pulley is working well.

3. The machine head is connected to the rack panel with four bolts, and the motor is installed under the rack panel. Pay attention to during installation,  whether the two pulleys are straight, then tighten the screws and nuts (note: the four tripods must be flat stable to avoid sloshing during production).

4. This machine needs to be installed in a place that is clean, dry, ventilated, easy to overhaul, disassembled and convenient to use.

5. The gearbox should use the national standard gear oil, and screw the top nut into the gear oil to half of the oil window.

    (This machine has been added with gear oil before leaving the factory. No need to add gear oil for the first time)

Use and adjustment:

1) Installation of the blade:

The operator can install one or more blades according to his own needs. When installing the blade: take the upper and lower shafts off. Release the upper shaft nut (10 0006) with a crescent wrench and release the front handle (10 0015) and remove it, and then remove the upper bearing cap (10 0030), the upper shaft nut (10 0006), ø67x14 washer (10 0020). Then install each size washer (10 0020) according to the required strip width, Round insert (10 0042), screw into the upper shaft nut (10 0006), close the upper shaft bearing cap (10 0030). Use the front handle (10 0015) to lock it, and then tighten the upper shaft nut (10 0006) with a crescent wrench. The blade installation is completed.

2) Stopper installation:

After installing the round blade, adjust the stopper (10 0041), each blade (10 0042) with a stopper (10 0041). First loosen the stopper fastening screw to the first blade on the left and place the blade inside the stopper, tighten the screws, and the other stopper are installed one by one according to the above method.

3) When the leather CAN NOT be cut:

When the leather cannot be cut, adjust the two screws (10 0034) on the bracket to make it normal cut off (Note: Try not to cut the round blade too deeply when adjusting, so that the rubber wheel can be durable).

4) Rubber wheel replacement and adjustment:

If the adjusted leather is still not cut, please check if the blade is sharp and the  rubber wheel is worn. In this case, replace the blade or rubber wheel in time. (If you need to replace the blade, please refer to the "Installation of the blade" section as above). When replacing the rubber wheel: Please lower the bracket first, then feed the aluminum plate (10 0036) in turn, remove the bracket (10 0038) and the lower bearing housing (10 0026), carefully remove the rubber shaft and use the crescent wrench. The wrench is turned counterclockwise to rotate the nut (10 0006) to remove it and remove the rubber washer (10 0023) and replace the rubber wheel with a new rubber wheel. Then install the rubber washer (10 0023) and the nut in turn (10 0006), use a crescent wrench to turn the nut clockwise, then carefully load it into the branch In the frame, install the upper and lower bearing housings (10 0026), tighten the screws, and then the bracket part and the feeding aluminum plateInstalled, that is, the rubber wheel is ‘  replaced.

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