Dongguan Yonghui Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.

Automatic computerized pattern sewing machine

Model Number: ZH-3020
Voltage 220V
Power 450V
Working size 30*20cm
Max speed 2700RPM
Needle DPX17 #18
Max stitch 8000 pin/ 1 pattern

1. This kind of sewing machine can help companies save manpower, reduce wastage , improve quality, increase productivity, improve the company's customer satisfaction, in order to achieve the objective of improve the company's core competitiveness.

2. Movable and reversal presser to act as " robotic arm" for sewing faster and avoiding getting workers hurt.

3. With automatic parking, automatic thread trimmer, automatic pine line, auto-dial line, automatic presser foot and other functions, easy operation. Regardless of how complex patterns can be a one-time perfect sewing, anyone skilled to operate the machines in a very short period of time.