Dongguan Yonghui Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.

180 Degree Rotary Post Sewing Machine

Model Number: ZH-180
Stitch length 3-12 mm
Stith double thread locking type
Sewing thickness manual 8 mm/automatic 13 mm
Sewing thickness 1.5 – 5mm
Lifting amount of presser foot manual 8 mm/automatic 13 mm
Needle bar stroke 35mm
Needle CP×5
Suture synthetic thread
motor 750W/380V
light 7W/220V
weight 150 kg
machine size 107×56×125 cm(L×W×H)

For electrical protection, all electrical parts shall have grounding protection.

Mechanical protection: all mechanical action parts shall be protected by enclosures

Operation, commissioning and maintenance shall be carried out by qualified personnel.

All tools, spare parts and consumables shall be provided or recommended by the original manufacturer.

It shall be properly disposed when it is out of service or abandoned for a long time.