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How to Install Clicker press?

2021-08-27 14:35:30

Installation of Machine with No-load Hydraulic Oil

lf your machine was shipped without #46 hydraulic oil, because of transportation regulations, it's necessary to carefully fill up the oil tank from the notch at side of oil cylinder according to the following procedures:

  1. Fill up enough hydraulic oil until the oil reaches the position nearby the bottom of threaded hole under notch of to the maximum level.

  2. Turn on the machine, observe if the pump rotates correctly according to the above mentioned procedures. Rotate the rocker head counterclockwise until rocker head stops and then head should rise to maximum stroke.

  3. Place a block of wood at least 1" thick or other hard materials between the cutting table and head start the machine, Push both switches onlof simultanously for several minutes. This procedure aims to remove air from relevant pipelines of oil cylinder.

  4. Remove previously used spacer, make sure there is nothing on cutting table, slowly rotate the adjustment disc clockwise until rocker goes down to a position that is about3/8" away from the table surface. Then, check the oil amount in oil cylinder and refill with hydraulic oil as necessary. This way the necessary oil amount will be ensured in oil cylinder.

VS922 clicker press

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