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String Cord edge piping binding machine for bags

Model Number: YH-3030
Voltage 220V
Power 370W
Working temperature 0~399℃
Weight 300KGS
Machine size L70*W86*H195cm

String Cord edge piping binding machine for bags

Product Application
This model is the latest design of the bone wrapping machine. When wrapping the bone, you can add the rope core as needed at the same time, gluing, core wrapping, and bonding are completed in one time. If it is equipped with a finalize and intermediate wheel of a specified width, it can also be toothed, trimmed and trimmed at the specified stride at the same time, which brings real convenience and benefits to customers. The machine is multi-purpose, and the precision of the machine can greatly improve the production quality and effectiveness.

Main Features

The piping machine is used in the production of bags, suitcases, backpacks, furnishings, office chairs, professional study loungers, car seats and boat furnishings.
It is able to glue the ribbon, apply the cord or string, fold the tape on itself, refine it in width and make transverse cuts using a single operation.

 * Standard profile: tube 2.2-2.5 mm - leather 0.7-0.8 mm;
 * Speed control panel and manual or automatic operation memory;
 * Production capacity about 750 MT/h.;
 * Recommended temperature 150°- 160°;
 * Display for the visualization of set functions: temperature, speed, operation;

On request, the machine can be fitted with customized rollers and binders.