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Automatic glue toe lasting cementing machine 9 pincers Shoe machine

Model Number: YH737
Model YH-737MA
Condition New
Brand Yonghui
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 2.2KW
Min order 1 set
Payment method T/T, LC

Automatic glue toe lasting cementing machine 9 pincers  Shoe machine

hydraulic automatic toe lasting cementing machine  shoe making machine
Product Description
Taiwan original toe last machine for shoes
Model number

Widely used for all kinds of sports shoes toe lasting

1. Computerized, it can save 100 groups shoes styles
2. Auto-cementing
3. Mid-pincer open fast
4. Inner support rise speed can be adjusted
5. Pressing-head floating can be adjusted

6. Full-feature tensioner and wiper with special trace can ensure that the shoe surface presses tightly against the last after bonding without any angles, therefore adding to beauty and enhancing the bonding quality.

7. The toe cap pressing mechanism adopts adjustable two-section type pressure with the design of master and slave cylinders, which enables the attaching during the lasting process of shoes and wipers and the final pressing of pressing head for one time pressing can make the lasting process be smooth. When locating, in comparison with soft leather materials, the occurrence of lengthening lasting distance and pull-down of front stop is not so easy to happen
8. Each group of claws has independent automatic pull-down function. According to the tightness of shoe surface, the required claws can be selected for automatic pull-down action and the pull-down depth can be adjusted if necessary
9. The nine-claw independent design can be separately adapted to the lasting of toe cap of any form. The principle of automatic balancing and automatic descending when the wiper moves forward is also the feature to increase product quality and enhance output.
10. The internal and external supporting tables have the functions of two-section rising for coordinating with heel seat supporting operation to prevent the occurrence of sliding of shoe last.
11. No tools is required during the adjustment of lasting action. It is provided with scale and location rule indication.
12. The selector switches for various actions are necessary for operations, and can be rapidly switched
13. The accessorial wiper is used to coordinate the nine-claw toe cap to make the lasting length of toe cap be lengthened to the front middle turning corner. After the lasting, the toe cap and shoe surface can be more tightly attached with the shoe last
14. Automatic gluling function for far lasting .
15. The nine claws can separately adjust the pressure,whih can be adjusted according to the tensile rength of shoe surfaceand it is not easy to damage the shoe surface.The pressure of the whole machine can be also adjusted on the external surface of the machine.
16. the claw disc has the two-section adjusting function,the two part can be automaticlly switched according to the parts of shoes .
Packaging & Shipping
a.The packing will use standard wooden case to ensure item not be damaged.
b.The shipping will confirm once the order is confirmed.

1. Hydraulic operation system.
2. Each set of pincer can be setting with automatic pulling or manual operation.
3 .This machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general and soft midsoles and with the heels less than 180mm.
4. This machine is equipped with micro switch of lasting height, which makes the machine easily adjusted and find position accurately.

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