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Hot pressing high frequency wave machine

Model Number: YH

High frequency heat sealing machine is suitable for PVC, PET, EVA, TPU, PETG, GAG, leather, plastic, plastic and other materials such as hot bonding welding, embossing and pressing, hot sealing, welding and fusing.

  1. High frequency heat sealing machine applicable products:
    1, automobile interior thermal sealing embossing: automobile floor mat embossing, automobile door indentation, automobile sun visor synchronous fuse, automobile partition plate welding, automobile leather seat cushion embossing edge sealing, etc.
    2, leather clothing shoe embossing: leather embossing, clothing embossing, shoe embossing, clothing 3d embossing embossing, leather embossing embossing.
    3, filled plastic products welding: inflatable boat welding, inflatable swimming pool welding, inflatable water bag welding, etc.
    4, plastic/blister packaging thermal sealing: plastic bag thermal sealing, blister packaging thermal sealing, blister bubble shell sealing, etc.
    5, tarpaulin/film cloth heat bonding welding: tent room heat bonding welding, car covering cloth welding.
    6, mat/mat/carpet embossing: plastic door mat thermal sealing, mat embossing, carpet embossing, PVC mat pressing edge, etc.
    7, all kinds of PVC soft bag production.