Dongguan Yonghui Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.

40T pattern embossing machine on leather surface

Model Number: YH-40T
Model YH-40T
Voltage 380V
Power 3KW
Machine size L105*W90*H95cm
Weight 420KGS


Used to emboss different patterns or punch on leather surface

  1. The upper molding plate softens leather material by heating.

  2. Heating and pressing time can be set and adjusted as required.

  3. Convenient and safe draw-out working table is adopted

  4. Duplex oil cylinder booster mechanism is adopted, which has a high pressurizing speed, large pressure and low energy consumption.

Model    YH-2103
Machine size    L105*W90*H95cm
Weight    420kgs
Voltage    380V
Power    3KW