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Automatic insole strip wrapping machine

Model Number:
Name: Insole strip wrapping machine
Type: Insole strip wrapping machine
Weight : 120KG
Gluing method: gluing along the edge
Glue type: hot melt granular glue
Type of operation: Automatic gluing
Applicable material: leather, leather, cloth
Power: 1.2KW
Size: 1200*650*1300MM


1, suitable for leather shoes around the middle sole automatic gluing strip operation, strip speed free adjustment computer stop automatic positioning

2, the touch control panel, glue temperature, glue flow, glue temperature digital display, glue can be adjusted

3. Set the strip length according to the surrounding length of the middle bottom, and the required strip length is of high efficiency in automatic feeding and cutting

4, simple operation, touch screen operation, easy to use, good stability, fast speed, easy to get started.