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Shoe Backpart two cold and two heat back forming Counter Moulding Machine

Model Number: YH-43
Model YH-43
Voltage 380V
Power 2.7KW
Machine size 158*175*218cm
Weight 800KGS
Production capacity 1300-1800 pairs /8 hours

Shoe Back Part two cold and two heat back forming Counter Moulding Machine

Used for shoe counter/back part moulding. Suitable for Moccasin shoes.

Main Features:
1) Suitable for moulding of counter/back part made of different materials
2) It has equipped with wiper and other functions like vamp adjusting function.
3) The last can be tilled for easier operation.
4) The temperature of upper and lower moulds can be regulated in demand according to different materials.
5) The upper and lower moulds are made based on the lasts of customers, which will lead to a perfect appearance.
6) The projection lamp can provide a more accurate moulding position.
7) The adjustable clamps will achieve 100 percent jointing of vamp with last.
8) The adoption of environment-friendly freezing system features high speed and good result with freeing temperature up to -30 degree Celsius.
9) After moulding, the lining, rubber sheet and vamp are closely jointed without crinkling, deformation, and bubbling.
10) Micro-electric processing system.
11) Lasts move upward while rubber moulds stay still.
12) Multifunctional; suitable for Moccasin shoes.