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Non woven fabric Ultrasound ultrasonic lace thread-less sewing trimming welding machine

Model Number: ZH-2020
Max. Sewing Speed 30m/min
Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant
Stitch Formation Ultrasonic seamless sewing
Mechanical Configuration Flat-Bed
Max. Sewing Thickness 15mm
Stitch Length 10-38mm
Power 2000W
Overall Dimensions 120*60*120CM
Application Disposable Nonwoven Fabric Product
Function Disposable Non Woven protective clothing Making Machine
Roller size 23* 50MM /50* 50MM/60*50MM

Non woven fabric Ultrasound ultrasonic lace thread-less sewing trimming welding machine

Ultrasonic lace sewing machine, Ultrasonic lace machine, Ultrasonic lace cutting machine, Ultrasonic thread-less sewing machine, Ultrasonic seamless sewing machine

Ultrasonic lace sewing machine is a high efficient sewing, embossing equipment, mainly designed for synthetic fiber cloth sewing, welding, fusing, embossing etc.

This machine is designed for surgical gown, non-woven products (non-woven bags), underwear and bra industry. 

1. Trimming: while repair Edge, unilateral removal, and melting side effect, smooth the rough edge, without burr, meet the quality requirements.

2. Making hole: cut the various flower-shaped hole, and melt-processing.

3.Transfer printing: Transfer or the legal transfer to paper materials.

4.Welding: two-layer or multi-material welded together, instead of sewing needles without wireless and good weld strength.

5.  Slitting: the material for a single or more of a cut at the same time, and melting side without burr.

6. Forming: the round flower patterns, for removal, holes, product forming.

7. Can do any design rollers for the machine to finish many patterns.

Application materials: All kinds of chemical fiber cloth, leather, non-woven fabrics, chemical plastic film and many other materials.