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Non woven fabric ultrasonic lace sewing stitching embossing machine

Model Number: ZH-2020
Max. Sewing Thickness 15mm
Type Industrial Sewing Machine
Stitch Formation Ultrasonic seamless sewing
Power 2000W
Overall Dimensions 120*60*120CM
Feed Mechanism Puller
Application Disposable Nonwoven Fabric Product
Function Disposable Non Woven protective clothing Making Machine
Frequency 20KHz
Roller size 23* 50MM /50* 50MM/60*50MM

Ultrasound lace stitching machine, also known as ultrasonic lace stitching machine and ultrasonic embossing machine, is an efficient sewing and embossing equipment. It is mainly used for sewing, welding, melting and embossing of synthetic fabrics. The processed products are characterized by good water tightness, high production efficiency, no needle and thread accessories, smooth and hairless melting surface, and good hand feeling. Ultrasound lace stitching machine is widely used in clothing, toys, food, environmental protection non-woven bags, masks (cup masks, flat masks, three-dimensional masks) and other industries.

Ultrasonic lace stitching machine, Using the latest broadband technology of ultrasonic wave, it is widely used in the world famous original devices. It has advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.

Suitable material :

Fabrics of synthetic composition over 65%, polyester, nylon, TC, sponge, non-woven fiber ,satin, Thermo plastic films.and other synthetic fibre material