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Automatic glue toe lasting cementing machine footwear making machine

Model Number: YH739MA
Model YH-739MA
Pinders 9
Power 2HP
Heatiing Power 1.75KW
Oil pressure 50kg/m³
Productivity 2000 pairs/8 hours
Oil Filling 115 Liters
NW 1220KG
Machine Dimension 1750*980*1950mm

AOl pressure operation system is adopted, the machine is more stable when it is working.

The PLC systerm with the touch screen make the machine operation stable and simple.

Set parameters(stroke and time) by entering numbers, and set key switch to prevent the chang-ing by non-authorized.

The PLCcontroller can save 100groups of shoe patterns parameter data and location of pincers.

Error diagnostic function and save troubleshooting time.

Optional pincers with quick removal design, easy to replace.

The middle pincer can make 15 degrees deflection to the left and right,suitable for special toe cap and shoe modeks amangement.

The fifth pincer can be set automatic rotation action to make the inner waist last of the best

effect.After the pincer holds the vamp, you can manually controil the release and clamp of the pincers in the same group.

The pressure can be set reliefaction at the second rise of the inner supporttable.

The height of the inner support table is adjusted by the outside of the machine and is displayed with an indicator ruler.

The inner supporttable rise can be set as a two-stage action with the heel top seataction to pre-vent the last slide.

The distance of front and rear positions of the inner suppart platform isup to 16mm, it can bead-justed by the hand wheel in front of the machine.

The indenter mechanism adopts adjustable two-stage pressure, and it can be set to constant pressure control or positioning control during the first pressure.

Optional audiliary sweep knife mechanism, audiliary holding mechanism and automatic glue

feeding mechanism.Pincer plate has the function of electric control left and right lateral opening and closing , it’s convenient to replace pincers.

This machine has automatic gluing function, precse gluing position, effectivelyreducing labour and inceasing production