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Leather hammer machine Malleus Machine

Model Number: YH706
Voltage : 220V
Power : 370w
Size : 56*72*120cm
Package size: 58*80*130cm
Arm length : 30cm
Weight : 50kg
Gross weight : 60KG
Tripod: lifting frame (height adjustable)

automatic leather hammering machine

Application and characteristics:
This machine is suitable for handbag, backpack, luggage and other industries finishing, hammering, hammering, shaping process. Used for leather, cloth after the needle edge or fold back mouth is too thick (including the inner cavity of handbags, bags) can be conveniently set on the hammer head above rotation, continuous knock, make it more flat, and does not hurt the leather surface. It is an indispensable tool for the production of high-grade leather goods, and its performance is very stable and reliable. Technical parameters: