Dongguan Yonghui Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.

Vertical hammer flattening machine

Model Number:
The voltage: 220/380V
Motor power : 180W
Total power: 250W
Motor speed: 1400 RPM
Number of beats : 2000 times per minute

Vertical upper upper hammer flat machine massage machine
Functions and features:
1. Main uses; This machine has the function of beating and electric ironing. It can flaten the vamp, heel uneven seam and hem too thick. It is a shoe opening, and the hem on the upper side is smooth and beautiful in the joint.
2. Advantages This machine increases the pedal function, there will be no workers leave the work, the machine is still running, resulting in waste of electric energy and safety.
3. The machine adopts non-fixed shock absorption, low noise.

Number of beats :2000 times per minute