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Leather Belt double edge polishing trimming machine

Model Number: YH-139
Model YH-139
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 750W
Working size 8~60mm
Size 80*40*118cm
Machine weight 158KGS

Leather Belt double edge polishing trimming machine

Apply to both sides of the men and woman belt, make the belt more smooth, dust collection fuction is available.

Features and application
1) good quality and convenient operate.
2) double edge grinding, to make edge smooth
3) apply for many kinds of leather goods like belt , wallet, bags, and so on
4) With a vacuum cleaner, sucking the dust and reducing pollution.
5) Application for Leather belt, dog and cat collar, and belt and so on

The machine is suitable for all kinds of belts, shoulder straps, straps, and both sides trimming at the same time, and can be replaced with different size trimming knives according to the needs of the product. Such as round knives, bevel knives, etc.;

The machine has the advantages of simple operation, low failure rate, fast speed and high efficiency.

Operation instructions:
1. This machine drives the leather material forward through the spindle, and trims the edges through the blade. During working, please make sure no hard objects or other debris into the working area of the trimming machine to avoid accidents or damage the machine;

2. If you need to trim different belts, you need to replace different trimming wheels (05 0015). For 20mm belts, 13mm trimming wheel is needed; if the belt is 25mm, the thickness of the trimming wheel is 18mm; Sometimes different trimming wheels can be selected according to the hardness of different materials;

3. When replacing the trimming wheel, the screws need to be tightened, and the knife holder screws need to be tightened at the same time;

4. When installing the trimming tool, the tool cannot exceed the center point of the trimming wheel;

5. If the belt is not smooth or has burrs after trimming, you need to sharpen the knife with the oilstone in the toolbox