Dongguan Yonghui Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.

16T leather clicking die cutting machine for leather handbag

Model Number: GSB-16T
Pressure (T) 16
Pressure dimension (mm) 350*400
Table size (mm) 400*900
Stroke (mm) 100
Stroke (mm) 120
Power 380/220, 50hz
Overall dimension (mm) 900 * 900 * 1550
Net weight 460KGS

Product features:

1. With rocker arm easy rotation, easy operation and material selection.
2. The thickened seamless pipe is used to process the column, and the upper and lower two holes are supported to ensure that the upper and lower percussion plate rotates flexibly and has good reliability.
3. Use both hands to operate the switch to ensure the safety of the operator
4. The position stroke of the rocker arm is adjusted by the hand wheel at the upper end of the machine, and the blanking stroke is adjusted by the time timer. In this way, the cutting position can be easily obtained, the working efficiency can be improved, and the service life of the cutter die and the backing plate can be extended.
5. The inertial energy storage of flywheel is utilized to save energy and reduce power consumption.